Life by default is boring, (still proving and testing) but it’s up to you to set the parameters. Lock yourself in your room – turn up the music so loud you can’t hear the chirping of birds, movie marathon all day that you forget how and when the sun rises after it sets, and surf the net all you want – when you don’t really know how to surf like surf. That’s OK, that’s alright – that’s life but when you ran out of mp3s to play –  the speakers turn low, so low you’d hear how the sea breezes, that even the sharpest resolution of movies you watch seemed so blurry, blurrier than the darkest of the night, then you’ll realize there’s also a world out there, not virtual, not digital – actual. And at the end of the day, after all the thoughts have been tweeted, after all the tweets have been retweeted and favorited, after all the statuses (or stati) are shared, and liked again and again, and after you broadcast yourself – Life is about connecting with the people you cared about whether through radio waves or through sounds or through actions.


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