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Pixels of Nature

Googling images of the things I want to see, places I desire to be at, and persons I choose to be with. Life is so much easy when you’re walking around the globe through clicks and drags. Who says Australia is super miles away?

As someone who can’t keep his eyes away from the four corners of the monitor while holding hands with the mouse, I can say I already traveled the globe  –  at most everyday. Who says you can’t be in two places at the same time?

I’m a type of person who enjoys the perks of being alone so traveling is not really in my database, well at least except for one – time traveling ( seriously? ). The idea of fitting your entire closet to a backpack just distracts me and I’ll just miss my pillow ( hihi ). No I’m not an anti-travel ambassador ‘cause when I was in college we had excursion every semester with my fellow working students (though it was actually compulsory), and guess what? the beach that they described as ‘the closest thing Cebu got to a Boracay’ was actually not (‘was not’ is even just an understatement). And honestly, the idea of getting together with my friends got me more excited than the trip itself. While others were busy having facetime with the beach (no puns intended), I was busy building lego house with the sand (of course under the shade of a tree and big rocks). We stayed there for 2 days, that if I didn’t join, I would have finished at least 20 episodes of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ tv series (but I did, and I enjoyed somehow – except for the sunburn part).

So that’s it, and that happened at least 6 times (wow, and I still don’t consider myself as a travel person). So lets just skip the part when we went to an island, an islet within an island, a cave, and the falls (really, this just happens very rarely, hihi).

Last summer, it was different, I with my co-workers, tried island hopping. Away from the annoying tiny little creatures called ‘sands’ (oh and not to mention the wounds you wouldn’t know you had until you’re home). You can’t believe your eyes watching the panorama of the sea meeting the sky, where all shades of blue were painted. A retina display so wide you can see the horizon, and the animation – is hashtag epic. Fastened my life jacket, worn an IMAX 3D glasses (only waterproof) plus the ‘inhaler’ I mean ‘snorkel’ then jumped. It was like WTF (Where’s The Fish), like I was in a National Geographic Channel (minus the logo) and more HD, from CMYK to RGB colors, and many more undiscovered colors you can’t imagine actually existed (slightly exaggerated) you can’t even find in flickr. That awkward moment when you’re so amazed you wanted to scream and shout but you couldn’t because you’re mouth was busy breathing through the snorkel. Clear as liquid crystal display (LCD) and LED, clear as what I saw, it definitely was the best experience in coexisting with the nature yet (very yet, more to come thanks in advance to Cebu Pacific Air ).

They say a picture paints a thousand words but to see the actual, its wordless. If we appreciate the wonderful things we see in the internet, the more when we see it live, because  the ‘before and after ‘ it’s being taken, the thrill, the excitement and the aura – they can never be recorded.

Only if a computer can provide the same experience we feel as the real one, then there’s no need to plan, no need to book flights and join the hassles of falling in long lines for tickets, no need for SPFs, and no need to hand carry our wardrobes (again), but it can’t (or not yet). It can only give us ideas how is nature when captured, but can’t really give us the feeling on how it is witnessed. So while it can’t, lets improvise. Lets go out. Kiss the sun, be kissed by the sun. Lets get wet. Drink a little more of salt water. Exercise your leap of faith, or luck, or just leap of nothing. Go to the top of the world, or be underground. Take advantage of free getaways, or of the promo fares, or even earn the cost. It will forever be just worth it.

I said I’m a type of person who enjoys the perks of being alone, but can’t I also enjoy the perks of being with the crowd? Plus the nature? Of course I can. Of course I wanted too.

Fish Sanctuary.

Even zebras come here. #Awesome

Googling the images of the things I want to see, makes me plan for a most deserved getaway. Who says you can’t start right now?

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